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i made this. well.. yeah


Title: Smile at you
Pairing: Ereri (implied)
Author: 雅軌 | Translation: kanekism
Notes: Uh…this one’s sad. Like really sad. It’s set after the titans have been defeated. Pro tip: listen to this for maximized sadness



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Rivaere / Riren day 2 ( suggest me something for the day 3 )

*warning* english is not my first language , and this is sketch as fuck so please forgive me O<—-<

Awkward sexy moment (? not sure this is count as awkward but yeah…. hope you enjoy this OTL )


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translations and typesetting by blizzard-bells

aww :’)


I honestly want to find out how fucking huge this fandom is, its ridiculous.





A girl of 21 years had brought a pair of contact lenses 

for a meeting of the barbecue (An event or meal at which

the food is cooked outdoors on an open grill fire)

While she was cooking barbecue stared at the fire charcoals continuously for 2-3 minutes.

After a few minutes, she began to scream for help

and moved rapidly, jumping up and down.

No one knew why he was doing this?

Then at the hospital, the doctor said

that is permanently blind because the contact lens

had worn.

Contact lenses are made of plastics and heat

from the charcoal melted his contact lenses.

Do not wear contact lenses while cooking or near FLAMES because they can overheat.

Friends, the information is important, please

Share this message to all your near and dear ones who wear contact lenses.

My dears carefully use your circle lenses.


Fuck I wear contacts and do this… Now I know not to.

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ベルトルトと! by あたりめ
Bertholdt and…!
Translated by: me
(If you can, please go to the artists page and rate them, bookmark them and comment if you like. They gave me permission to translate this! :D)

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just look at levi eyeing eren xD

wh lol i need to reblog this again because i just noticed


someone who’s more awake needs to tell me if im just seeing this oh my god this isn’t even subtle anymore

even isayama hajime ship them

i’m so happy i finally have that rivaille x eren blcd.. (200 followers gift from humanity sexiest)


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have you ever fallen in love with someone because of their voice

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Eren: What is your greatest passion?
Mikasa: Name a person you would defend no matter what
Armin: Have you ever felt underestimated?
Jean: Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower?
Connie: Tell a really dumb joke
Sasha: Why DO people eat potatoes, anyway?
Marco: Name a person you couldn't bear to lose.
Christa: Do you ever feel the need to hide your true self?
Ymir: What measures would you go to to be with the one you love?
Bertholdt: On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you?
Reiner: Do you even lift?
Annie: Describe your nose in as much detail as possible
Levi: What's your height?
Hanji: If you could turn into a titan, what would you be like?
Mike Zakarius: Your favourite scent?
Irvin: How well do you trust others?
Auruo: Do you ever feel you talk too much?
Pastor Nick: What's your obsession?
Sawney and Bean: Do you have a namesake?